In the Cavern

March 29, 2014

When I visited Luray Caverns two weeks ago, there was a young couple in our group taking pictures of each other. I couldn't resist photographing them while they discovered the dark halls of what is one of the most fascinating locations in the DC area:


It's pretty dim light down there so it's not easy to get good pictures. You might think you would need one of the bulky Canikons to get decent pictures, but that's not true. Once again, my OM-D did the job pretty well, in conjunction with a few of the Olympus' Micro Four Thirds primes. Photographed wide open at f/1.8, the fabulous 75mm gave me enough distance to shoot unobtrusively, enough resolution to get a sharp photograph and enough background blur to simplify the shot. At the same time, the whole piece of equipment was small enough to carry it around all day and to not raise concerns among the tour guides. 

Thanks you two for giving me permission to show the image :-)