New-In-Berlin #6: Auguststraße 10

August 03, 2014

Two weeks ago, during one of our first walks in Mitte, we stumbled across a funny looking building with a partly green/blue facade and a very "East German" overall appearance:

As the building is not too far away from our new home, we have passed by a couple of times, but we never had an idea what it was. We just liked the look of the building as we saw it. Only yesterday we learned that the building hosts the "KuLe Theater", one of Berlin's most iconic cultural squattings from the early years, initiated right after the fall of the wall in the early 1990's.

There's a nice poster on the 4th floor:

It didn't take us too long to decrypt the text, but we have no ideas what the numbers mean. Let me know if you find it out.

I bought a great book that describes the wild times of Berlin, called "Berlin Wonderland". It contains interesting photographs, and perfectly illuminates the spirit and the irresistible taste of freedom that came up during those early years in the eastern part of the city. The text is both in German and in English. The book is very much worth its price of 29,95 € in my opinion.