Guido Krueger is an award-winning photo­grapher, avid blogger and best-selling book author, specializing in documentary photography and visual story telling. His pictures are honest, accurate and comprehensive and combine thoughtful image composition with significant content.

"As a photographer who often focuses on long-term projects and difficult subject matters, my work relies on openness and mutual respect. I prefer a minimalist style and my choice of equipment allows me to work unobtrusively and with little overhead. I have documented artists and workers, and people like you and me. I have photographed cities and landscapes, development projects and demolition efforts. I portrayed the young and the strong, the elderly and the ill. In the tradition of classic documentary photography, I usually pursue to publish my work, either online, in magazines or in books. I welcome inquiries and suggestions, and if time and circumstances allow, I'll be happy to take assignments and commissions."

Guido is a former member of the National Press Photo­graphers Association and a juried-in Artist of the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. He holds degrees in Com­puter Science and has received his pri­mary photo­graphic edu­cation at the New York Institute of Photo­graphy. With roots in Hamburg and Washington, D.C., Guido currently lives in North Germany.

This website is a small collection of Guido's photographs. Browse the galleries to get an overall idea of his work and make sure to see his Weblog for recent updates. More pictures can be seen on Guido's former weblogs, Potomac Adventures and Brobo Photo. For additional information, see his personal web site ​www.​gkrueger.​info or his latest book at ​www.​javabuch.​de. Guido can be reached using the contact form.