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The story you see here is about the seemingly simple task of capturing a family portrait at Christmastime...

When I met Liam the first time, he was one year old. He had Down syndrome and serious heart malfunctions and had undergone extensive medical treatment and multiple surgery already. He was on a ventilator, had a tracheotomy for breathing and a nasogastric tube for feeding. He went home the first time in his life in mid December 2012.

Liam's mom had asked me to do a "family portrait", and I quickly learned that this was not going to be one of the "normal" portrait sessions. It took alone more than an hour and the help of several people to get little Liam out of his bed, dressed and transferred to the living room.

Once around the Christmas tree I took several hundred shots. Everything was in constant motion and there was no way to pose the little boy. Eventually, with a lot of help and the incredible love and patience of his Mom we got a number of nice pictures. They have an incredible value for the family.

The whole story is at http:/​/​www.​socialdocumentary.​net/​exhibit/​Guido_​Krueger/​2118.
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