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I love to photograph people. It doesn't really matter what they're about to achieve, as long as it's not staged. Photography, for me, is to capture the real, unstaged life around us. The classical street photography approach. Documenting our everyday activities, in all its beauty and strangeness, is among the things that interest me most.

Without any plans in mind, and with no assignment on my shoulders, I shot these images a few days ago at the 2014 IFA in Berlin. All I needed was my Fuji X-T1 with just the 1.8/32 Zeiss (a simple 50mm equivalent prime), which I shot wide open at ISO 800 all day. No flash, no long lenses, no zooms, no big photo bag. Just a single body and one lens, used in manual mode. It was a pleasing experience. I love this kind of minimalism.

Take your time to look at the images, most of them have their own little surprise. If it's your first time visit, simply view the gallery by clicking on the "slideshow" button. More information can be found in the corresponding blog post.

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